Friday, March 29, 2013


I was filing some papers at work, and  I suddenly (involuntarily) imagined there was this rip the air beside me? Then, I suddenly imagined or felt there was a person  that  I could pretend to see. It was as if I was maybe writing a story, only the story was writing me first.

This person gave me the nod that, indeed, what I was imagining hearing, this loud static sound of ripping, was real. With his one nod, look, and slight smirk, he confirmed what this noise suddenly made me aware of:  that my current reality was just one option of existence and because of that choice and that broadening of awareness, I understood that all the trivial day-to-day societal things that are thought to be so important were, in fact, quite simply... nothing. The equivalent of intensely lining toothpicks up on a counter at the world fair.

I almost laughed out loud right there and then -a big, "Ha!"

It was as if my reality had had me building blocks on top of blocks, making large structures everyday only to dismantle them at the end of each day so I could start again the next. As if my job was to make mountains out of mole hills every day...

and didn't me and everyone else work up a sweat doing it - each in our own special way? 

How foolish, how sweet and naive we would all seem if this rip into other planes really existed. If we could see for moment that doors to things so much bigger than we are now existed.... Well, what? What would we do? 

 I  quickly looked about and saw us all as children: the bullies, the weak ones, the leaders, the smart ones, the nervous ones, the quiet ones, the pretty and the ugly. We didn't really matter, at least, not as much as we just were; the imagined gentleman I was communicating with agreed by way of a gentle smile.

Then I went back to work.

Is that time theft, do you think?


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