Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Still going.

It really has been so nice to be sculpting again. It feels that there techniques that I've lost, like... hands. Once you understand the math of the hand, it's easy to lay it out. However, it's been a while and I think I've forgotten.

It never occurred to me before to check out sculpting videos, not sure why. But getting back into it, I decided to see who was putting stuff out there; sure enough, one of my favorite sculptures has a channel. Who knew? Philippe Faraut (who needs a new website, btw. Philippe, give me call) is amazing to me, his work is beautiful,detailed, and so clean. He is the reason I moved to a clay with no grog, I wanted to produce a final product that looks like his. Unfortunately though, I work to slow and am too lazy to do what it takes to keep this clay from getting too dry. Still, he is definitely an inspiration.

I also found Joanna Mozdzen (your site also needs some work, call me ;) and we'll get you sorted out. Also, yay Canada!) and have added her to my list of teachers. She has some great video tutorials which have helped get my brain back to where it was, as far as sculpting goes. When it comes to sculpting, I love precision, I don't execute it as well as I would like, but that's what I aim for. And I think that the precision that these two sculptors have just make the beauty of the whole of their work stand out. Perhaps some people are bored by it, but it inspires me .


 So, with some new teachers, I plug along - so happy to be back. I can't wait to start my next piece; however, this piece is still not complete, but she is coming along...

Because, for some reason, people tend to think these are life size (you weirdos) I will clarify that this piece, as are most of my pieces,  is about (and only) 10 inches tall. I would like to work bigger, but for whatever reason, this is what comes.

Still working out some issues and still working on the hands, and she's holding a gun, which I knew would be a struggle for me (hard to not meh out on that portion of it). What do I know about guns...? Not a whole lot. I've probably combined revolver aspects with automatic aspects. Whatever. She's a goat lady, she can have whatever kind of gun she wants.

and we can see here there are some shoulder blade issues, something just aint right. As well, she needs some kind of hair, which I haven't decided on yet.

A lot of the time, I end up not pushing myself for better and accepting imperfections that seem minor at the time. But, I'm too annoyed by previous sculptures that I look at now and say "why didn't I just keep working that..." So, perhaps, this time I will. So there.

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